My Skincare Routine 2022

Wow, it’s been a minute since my last post. But like everything else in life, things got put to the wayside these past couple of years. I won’t hold it against you that you forgot to get your skin checked in 2020 (and 2021) if you don’t hold it against me for letting my blog languish.

Every time I re-emerge after a hiatus I promise to be better, post weekly etc. This time I am just taking it one blog at a time. However, I am going to try my best to be more regular, that’s all we can do, right?

I thought a good re-entry post would be an update to my current skincare regimen (thank you for the inspiration AB).

When I looked back at my last post on this, my regimen isn’t dramatically different, but does (appropriately) include more anti-aging products. Here is the link to my routine in 2016.

My daily skincare routine

I try to keep my base skincare simple and add in anti aging when I am feeling motivated and when the weather is appropriate (which means not too sunny- luckily I live in Seattle). I will discuss each of the products in a separate blog (hopefully) over the next few weeks (or months).

Morning Routine


1. Rinse face with water prior to workout.

2. Apply EltaMD AM (or nothing) if it is an indoor workout or EltaMD UV Clear for outdoor runs.

Post Workout

1. Rinse face with water in the shower. Occasionally use whatever (bland/gentle) cleanser is in the shower (details on cleansers in another post) if I am particularly sweaty.

2. Apply Azelaic acid cream (for rosacea).

3. Wait 60 seconds (if I am lucky) and apply Neocutis Journee Day Cream (for a workday or non sunny weekend) or EltaMD UV Clear for a sunny weekend.

That’s it! That is my morning skincare. I also apply a neutral stick eyeshadow (Sephora brand, Bobby Brown or Laura Mercier), maybe eyeliner and mascara (Glossier lash slick always!). I never wear makeup to work (because mask) and rarely on the weekends.

Evening Routine

After work

I always rinse with water or use a light cleanser after I remove my mask. My skin is a combination of oily-dry after masking for several hours and a rinse is needed. I then apply Neocutis Biocream if I am staying in or it is already dark. If I am going out (which means soccer practice not the bars) then I apply Elta UV Clear (summer) or Neocutis Journee (not summer).


I wash with cleanser, either Aveeno Clear Complexion or Neutrogena Hydroboost. This sometimes changes if I decide to try a new cleanser, but usually the cleanser is basic and not too drying. I remove any eye makeup with Mary Kay oil free eye makeup remover. I apply azelaic acid cream again. A few times per week I apply Empelle (by Biopelle) serum after the azelaic acid. This is a proprietary formula for estrogen deficient skin. On the alternate days I apply .0125 % (very low) tretinoin that is compounded with Vitamin C, Reservetrol and hyaluronic acid. I will discuss this product in a future post as well- bottom line, it is better than drugstore tretinoin (brand Retin-A) and is actually cheaper! Lastly, I apply Neocutis Biocream and Neocutis Lumier eye cream.

The evening routine sounds intense but it only takes 2-3 minutes maximum! If I am really tired then I only wash, apply azelaic acid and apply Biocream- these are the three essentials.

Below are links to my products. Neocutis, Biopelle and EltaMD are widely available and you can find licensed retailers on their website (which I recommended to avoid fakes). The cleansers are available at the drugstore or online (Amazon is great for these). The Azelaic acid and tretinoin are available only by prescription, however Paula’s Choice and The Ordinary both make over the counter Azelaic acid and retinol. My favorite non prescription retinol is SkinBetter alpharet overnight cream. Click away on the links, I receive no kickbacks!

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