Sunscreen for sensitive skin 2.0

I’m back. I feel like this blog is like the gym – I leave for so long that I get nervous to go back.

I have been meaning to write this post since the start of summer. For those of you that can walk into the drugstore and grab any sunscreen and not worry about rashes or breakouts – you don’t need this post. Anyone else can continue reading.

I have sunscreen problems. My facial skin is prone to rosacea breakouts with the wrong sunscreen. Even worse, my kids are prone to full body rashes with the wrong sunscreen. Forgetting the “right” sunscreen on a trip to the beach is a disaster.

After much searching I thought I finally found the perfect sunscreen for my rashy kids: Avene mineral lotion, Avene hydrating lotion and Avene hydrating sunscreen balm. And then they went and discontinued the line!!! So I searched the internet and spent a fortune buying up everything left in stock (sorry to everyone else who liked these too), but I knew I would have to find a substitute fast.


Below are the sunscreens I found that seem to be working well for my rashy kids. I paid full retail price for all of these products and get nothing for promoting them.

Supergoop Sunnyscreen SPF 50

img_2791This is a pure mineral sunscreen with 10% titanium dioxide and 12% zinc oxide. It is water resistant for 80 minutes (in reality it seems to stay on for days like most mineral sunscreen). It is non-nano which means it turns you white. It comes as a non aerosol spray which is great for applying quickly – but you still have to rub in – a lotion and a stick. So far no rashes and no sunburns with this one. The price is a bit steep at $26 for 3.4 ounces. You can get the trio (lotion, stick and spray) on for $76.




Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby SPF 60

img_2795Another pure mineral sunscreen with 8% titanium dioxide and 6.8% zinc oxide. Also water resistant for 80 minutes and impossible to wash off. My rashy 9 year old son says “that stuff is strong” and prefers to use the stick all over his entire body. It also comes in a lotion but it does work to use the stick on any part of the body. The price point on this one is, but better with the stick running about $8 and the lotion $11-12. I purchased sticks on Amazon and the lotion at Safeway.




Please comment if you have any suggestions for sunscreen for the sensitive type and I’ll try them out. Enjoy the last half of the summer!

3 thoughts on “Sunscreen for sensitive skin 2.0

  1. Barbara McDowell July 21, 2019 — 9:58 pm

    Have you tried Solbar? SunBum?

    1. I have not tried either. I looked up sunbum and didn’t find a pure mineral sunscreen. I will check both out! Which versions do you recommend?

  2. Dudley W Gaouette July 24, 2019 — 10:06 pm

    Great insight and recommendations, as always. Thank you. I could have used these in Cozumel, Mexico!

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