Eye Candy

Eyelashes are all the rage these days. There are salons dedicated to giving us long, full and dark lashes that rival Kim Kardashian.  There is a prescription medication, Latisse, that also makes lashes darker, longer and more full- though not as quickly or to the dramatic degree as extensions.

Similar to many of my posts, this post was inspired by personal experience. As a long term (though I admit intermittent) user of Latisse I decided to try extensions over the holidays. Like most people, I don’t always use my products as directed and the Latisse only works when you use it. So I decided to see what the extension rage is all about.

After a month I would say that eyelash extensions belong in the same category as hair extensions and shellac nails. They provide a look that is unattainable through nature, but they damage your real lashes/hair/nails.

Here is my rundown on the pros and cons of both Latisse and extensions


Pros: Big lashes immediately, skipping makeup entirely

Cons:  Expensive (at least $100-200) damaging to your lashes, allergies and irritation to the glue, painful amd irritating when they get wet, very high maintenance ( fills needed ever 2-4 weeks)


Pros: Home application, simple and quick, doesn’t damage your lashes

Cons: Expensive ($120-200 for a 3-4 month supply), prescription only, irritation or allergy (less common than with extensions), works slowly, pigmentation of the lash lone or eye (this is rare)

Bottom line: Latisse hands down. I am back on Latisse and recommend this for eyelash plumping, or a tube of Maybelline.






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