Skin tips for the traveler

This weekend I traveled to Denver for a dermatology conference. My travel reminded me of the importance of taking extra special care of your skin while traveling. Traveling can be very hard on the skin, different climates, dry airplane air and a disruption to your normal routine. 

Here are some tips on keeping your skin glowing during travel:

  1. Hydrate. Drink lots of water (skip the soda, alcohol and coffee) while on the airplane. I admit to breaking the “no coffee” rule at times, but I always have water with it. Also hydrate your skin. Bring a moisturizer on the plane with you and apply it every couple of hours. This includes the lips and hands. If your skin is very dry, Aquaphor or Vaseline can work for all three locations!


  1. Tailor your skin care to the climate. If you are going to Denver you will need a heavier moisturizer and it is best to leave any retinols or exfoliants at home. In tropical locations, you’ll need lighter products, but again take a break from anti-aging products because they often increase sensitivity to the sun.


  1. Bring sunscreen. Again, bring sunscreen. It is best to bring a brand you have tried before. Your skin may be more prone to irritation while traveling and a new sunscreen may make this worse.


  1. Be aware of medications that may make you sensitive to the sun. Many oral (blood pressure, antibiotics, ibuprofen) and topical (acne) medications can increase sensitivity to the sun. If you can stop medications (such as acne topicals), do so prior to your trip. If you can’t, remember that medications can increase sun sensitivity so much that sunscreen might not be enough – you will need a hat, SPF clothing and may even need to avoid the sun.


  1. Try to maintain a regular sleeping and eating schedule. The skin is the largest organ of the body and reflects changes in sleep and nutrition (like a salty meal) very quickly. Enjoy the vacation, but practice moderation if you can. I often try to eat lighter and healthier (with less salt) for breakfast and lunch and then relax a bit at dinner.


  1. Bring your skin medications with you. If you have any skin condition (this includes jock itch/ringworm/athletes foot), bring your medications with you! All skin conditions have a tendency to flare when our routines change, be prepared with your medications. I forgot this rule for my trip and didn’t bring my eczema or rosacea medications and of course they flared up! I learned my lesson.

I hope this post gave you a few tips for keeping your skin glowing on your next trip. Bon voyage! Send me a postcard!

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