Anti aging

Freshen up for fall!

I’m back- for now. Life is busy now with eight year old twins. It has been so long since my last post I don’t remember my wordpress password, thank goodness for the automatic recall. At least you can be reassured that nobody is paying for my posts (or they would fire me)!

I decided I am going to capitalize on the “waiting” that occurs with so many kids sports and get more blog posts up! Currently I am huddled under an umbrella waiting for a soccer game to start. With four practcies and two games per week I should be able to get at least one post per week (as long as I disable facebook).

So after a record breaking summer of sun in Seattle I realized that I had been a bit relaxed with my hat use (used a baseball camp instead of the goofy widebrim) and my skin had suffered. My usual pale skin had areas of brown “smudge” on my cheeks and upper lip (which is not attractive). There were tiny areas of permanent redness on my cheeks where the sun had created telangictasia. When I had to pull out the (fuller coverage) makeup for family photos I knew it was time for a fall refresher.

My first target was the smudge on my upper lip because a mustache is not a good look! I emailed my colleague and asked her to send in a prescription for Tri Luma. Tri Luma is a medication that combines Hydroquinone, Tretinoin and Hydrocortisone. I have found this commercial product works better than combining the individual creams myself. It is spendy (about $175 with a coupon) but it works well and the tube lasts a long time. I am sure most people have spent more money on ten creams that don’t work. This one is good. I have already noticed a difference in just a week. It is VERY important to avoid the sun when using this medication, luckily the Seattle weather is cooperating.

I plan to use the Tri Luma for at least a month, though it can be used safely for two months before you have to take a break of equal length. My next step will probably be a mini IPL (intense pulsed light also called a photofacial)to target any residual brown spots and the blood vessels. Stay tuned for my post on IPL.

So if you are noticing those pesky sun spots are sticking around after the sun is gone, ask your dermatologist for a plan to refresh your skin before the holidays.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post and did not receive free product. I paid full retail for my tri luma. This blog post is not intended to replace advice from your physician and does not constitute a patient-physician relationship.